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Lindsay has been married 22 years and is a mother of 4. She is a Christ centered Life Coach that is passionate about empowering women to further understand their divine purpose. Lindsay has a unique way of intuitively guiding women through past trauma, emotional blocks and incorrect thinking patterns so that greater understanding and healing can begin. She attributes this to spiritual gifts she’s been given. Lindsay firmly believes in an idea of absolute truth and teaches that God’s truth is what each of us are searching for and is the answer to all things. 

As a coach, Lindsay’s gentle approach comes from a place of deep compassion and love as she has had to overcome devastating trauma from her own childhood. She has a strong conviction of the Savior as she has learned to lean on him through her darkest days.  Lindsay believes that our weaknesses are actually our greatest strengths and that when we choose God we choose to be changed.  

Certified through The Coach Firm using The Mind Firm Method, Lindsay offers  one-on-one, coaching calls for those clients who are seeking greater hope and healing, by discovering their own courage, clarity, and conviction. 

Christ Centered Life Coach * Intuitive Healing Mentor

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a life coach?

A life coach is a professional who supports individuals in setting goals, overcoming obstacles, and making positive changes in their personal or professional lives. They provide guidance, strategies, and encouragement to help clients achieve greater fulfillment and success. A life coach is not a therapist.

What makes Christ-centered coaching with Lindsay different from other types of coaching?

A Christ-centered life coach is someone who combines Christian beliefs within their coaching practice. Lindsay has a unique way of intuitively helping clients to gain a deeper understanding of and clarity in their faith. As a Christ-centered life coach, Lindsay assists clients by using Christ-centered teachings of truth and principles to help clients embark on a journey of their highest level of personal growth. This coaching technique has proven to promote pivotal moments of clarity for each open hearted client.

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Client receives a free “Power” session for each friend referred who books with Lindsay.